PageProud, launched today, is a low-cost service that allows individuals, small businesses and organisations to set up their own simple, branded web page in minutes.


The launch of PageProud, a simple tool that let’s you build your own one-page website, will allow for small businesses to put their name on the online map.

PageProud is ideal for small businesses like Restaurants, Cafés, Shops, Beauty Salons, Dentists, Clinics, Lawyers, Repairmen, Interior Designers, Mechanics, and basically anyone who needs a low cost, fabulous looking website.

With more and more people preferring to use the Internet to find what they are looking for, rather than using a printed consumer directory, it is becoming increasingly vital for small business owners to make sure their product or service gets found online.

PageProud allows small businesses and sole traders to easily create a simple webpage that contains all of the essential features a business website may need, all in one, simple, organised page. Sometimes a fully blown website is a bit of an overkill for many small businesses. There is generally neither the need to show a lot of information, nor the time to write it up. The costs involved in creating a website also tend to put this out of reach for many. With PageProud this is no longer the case. For as little as €6.67 a month, business owners can create a concise webpage that also looks great.

Creating just a one-page site has its benefits. It’s ideal for the many mobile phone users out there as all they have to do is scroll around the page, rather than go from page to page. It’s also easier to create, as information needs to be kept short and to a minimum.

All business owners have to do, is select the features that suit their needs, choose a theme and customise it to fit their tastes or brand, fill in the information and put it live in seconds. Features include a logo, slogan, text, a photo gallery, opening hours, contact details, a map, videos, downloadable files as well as many more. Moreover the webpage is created to be search engine friendly to increase the chances of being found by people looking for your business on Google or Bing.

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