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    Web Page Creator

    Our web page creator is dead easy to use.

    All you need to do is choose what features you would like to show on your page; fill the page in with the information you want to show using simple forms; choose a template from our range of expertly designed themes; customise it to match your look and feel; adjust the layout and you’re good to go.

    The best thing about PageProud is that as you work, you can see a live preview of what your page is looking like. To edit an item you just have to click on it. When you’re done, just save and your changes go live.

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    Give it your own style

    Create a one-page web page easily yourself in just minutes.

    You can choose from a number of expertly designed templates we’ve prepared for you.

    You can then customise the look and feel to match your own brand or image and only show the features you want to show. You can modify the look of your website by choosing from a number of different fonts, increase or decrease font sizes, choose you perfect colours from a colour palette, use a solid background colour or use a background image and many other custom changes you can make.

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    Photo Gallery

    Create a photo gallery to display your products, services, events or anything else you want to boast about.

    You can easily create a photo gallery for your business or organisation by choosing a group of photos you want to add to your photo gallery. PageProud will add these photos to a gallery on your page.

    Your web page users will be able to click on a photo to view it in a large format.

  • Keep in Touch Icon

    Keep in touch with your audience

    Keep connected with your customers by providing links to social media as well as by allowing them to Like, Tweet or Share your page with others on the Internet.

    You can easily add links to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube as well as other social media pages and channels. You can also allow customers to give you feedback or contact you. This can be done by filling in a contact form and supplying their contact and enquiry details.

  • Mobile Icon

    Mobile Friendly

    Your web page will load immaculately on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

    We’ve made sure that all the pages created using our page creator will look good on mobile devices so that you can capture some of the millions of users out there that use a mobile device to browse the internet. The page you create will work marvellously on a mobile device particularly because it’s a one-page web page. All the user has to do is scroll down to view the content of your web page. You can also create and edit your site using your iPad.

  • Customise Icon


    Add whatever features you like to your page.

    The only feature your web page must have is your company name. The rest of the many features you can easily add to your web page are all optional. If you’re creating a web page for a restaurant you can add opening hours, contact details, a map and a downloadable menu. If you’re creating a page for a beauty therapist you can add a list of services, a newsletter subscription and a photo gallery of your work and outlet.

  • Analytics Icon


    Keep track of who’s using your website.

    It’s important to know how many people are viewing your web page and where your users are coming from. With a paid plan from PageProud you can see basic web page analytics right from our PageProud dashboard. You can see how many page visits, page views and the average time on page over the last week, month or year.

    You can also easily link your page to your own Google Analytics account and view in-depth information about your web page usage.

  • Domain Icon

    Have Your Own Domain

    Give your page its own domain name to add that professional touch.

    Most professional web pages use their own domain name, which either describes what they do or includes they’re company name. Something like kingsroadcafe.com or johnscarservice.net. You can choose to register a domain name (.com, .net or .org) through PageProud or use any domain name you already own; even if it’s a local domain name like .co.uk or .it.

  • Newsletter Icon

    Send Email Newsletters

    Accept subscriptions and send out email newsletters. Once you’ve managed to bring people to your web page it’s important to keep in touch with them. PageProud allows you the facility to place a newsletter subscription form on your web page that will allow people to subscribe to your email mailing list.

    Once they’ve added their email address to you database you can keep in-touch with them easily and regularly by sending out simple email newsletters to your entire database. Use it to inform everyone about a new special offer; your winter sale; an event you’re organising; or just remind everyone that you’re still around.

  • Prices Icon

    Affordable Plans

    Choose from two affordable plans that suit your requirements.

    If you want to create your page and forget about renewal fees for a year until it’s time to renew, then you can opt for the Yearly subscription. The main advantage is that it’s easier to manage your bills and it’s slightly cheaper. On the other hand, if you have an event that requires a page or only need a page for a short period of time, then the Monthly subscription is the perfect option for you. The monthly cost is slightly more but will give you the facility of only having the subscription active for a short period of time.

  • Update Icon

    Update and Maintain it

    Once you’re done, keep your page updated and well maintained.

    Your page doesn’t have to remain the same as the first time you created it. You can add on additional features, changes colours and images, update your opening hours and even revise your text. It is important that your page is a one-stop-shop for the up-to-date, correct information about what you do. So, ensure you keep it that way. You can keep the web page up to date using the same page editor you used to create your page - accessible from your dashboard.

  • Map Icon

    Put yourself on the map

    Allow customers and clients to find you easily.

    Add a map to your page with Google Maps and allow customers to find out where you are easily. All you have to do is zoom in to the correct area on the map and drop a point that will indicate your outlet or premises. It’s that easy. People seeing your web page, can then easily see where you’re located and come right over.

  • SEO Icon

    Rank well in Search Results

    Hardly anyone uses the phonebook or trade directories anymore. Today people use search engines when looking for a product or service.

    If you’re not available online, then you’re nowhere to be found. When creating a page using PageProud, your web page will be created with search engines in mind so that people looking for you online will find your page, and find out about you. Your page will be created to be search engine friendly so that we can give it all the more chance of ranking well in Google search results for words that are relevant to your page. You can also use the Rank feature to edit the hidden keywords and description (META keywords and description) of your web page.

  • Feedback Icon

    Get Feedback

    Set up a contact form and get feedback and enquiries directly from your web page.

    With PageProud you can set up a contact or feedback form that will allow users to fill in and submit an online form on your page. You can also create your own form and specify what form fields you’d like to include. Create an event application form, a booking form, a customer feedback form or any other form you have in mind. The details that people fill in and submit will automatically be sent to you by email.

  • ShowOff Icon

    Show Off

    Promote your page on social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

    Once your page is looking good, show it off! It’s useless having a great looking page that no one knows about. Using your PageProud dashboard you can easily post your page address to Google+ and Facebook, inviting people to have a look. You can also do the opposite and invite people using your web page to keep in touch by liking your Facebook page and to follow you on Twitter. You can also provide people with links to all your other social media pages.