Colour and Styling Tips

The design of your web page is the first thing that a customer notices when coming to your page. It’s not you logo, your snazzy slogan or how informative your website content is. It’s the general feel and impression that the person first gets when landing on your page. Within seconds the user has already formed an opinion about you or your business. Therefore it is vital to get the look and feel of your web page right.

The first thing to do is to come up with a goal or message you want to communicate through the design of your page. It’s pointless coming up with a good-looking web page that doesn’t communicate what you want it to say about you. Once you’ve established that goal you can then come up with a concrete design strategy about how you are going to communicate it to the user. If you already have a brand image set up you can probably base your web page design on this brand image. People like consistency, so it is a good idea to stick to the same tones, colours, fonts, and imagery that you already use on other media like flyers, letterheads, menus or brochures.

Use colours and images that communicate the right message. If you run a massage parlour and want to communicate a relaxed and soothing look and feel then stay away from bright luminous colours. Go for more subtle tones or pastel colours.

Make sure the colours used flow well with each other. Make sure they contrast enough too, but not too much. Yellow text on a white background provides no contrast at all. However red text on a blue background provides way too much contrast.