About Us

PageProud is a service designed to give individuals, businesses and organisations a method of creating and running a web page that contains everything they feel they need to be able to tell the world about themselves.

PageProud is a tool that allows you to effortlessly create a one-page website. You can choose which features you would like to include, insert content, upload images, use ready-made themes and customise the look at feel of your page to fit your branding requirements.

At PageProud we are dedicated to offering our service at a low cost, with low maintenance and for it to be easy to use. We want to make having a website something enjoyable and something that improves your business or people’s awareness about you. We want to give small businesses, organisations, start-ups and individuals a leg up to help get themselves online and keep themselves online. We want to do so by offering a simple, easy to use tool that will give almost anyone the chance to create a web page.

PageProud is a product of Think Solutions Limited a company based in Malta, Europe. Think have been in the web business for 10 years and are committed to developing high quality web applications for themselves and their clients.

Our mission is to make creating a website more accessible to anyone and everyone.